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We work with creatives who want to integrate peak performance in their professional lives with depth insight in their private lives, executives who want success AND life balance, entrepreneurs who want support in making their visions real and their hoped-for outcomes achievable, highly sensitive people who have an intuition that there might be a way to embrace their sensitivities as extraordinary gifts, people interested in making grand ideas like flow, radiant well-being and sustainability essential qualities of their business and personal lives, and individuals who'd like to learn how they can design a life they'd love to live.


  • "Claudia L'Amoreaux is a visionary whose work is at the forefront of education. She understands how to set up a field of discovery that unlocks the natural enthusiasm humans have for learning."

    Justine Willis Toms, Executive Director, New Dimensions Radio and co-author with Michael Toms of True Work

  • "Claudia does for coaching what Pilates does for physical fitness. Learning Conversations with Claudia help me to get my whole life in shape."

    George Lawton, journalist

  • "Claudia has worked with me during the last 9 months to improve my business practices, develop and maintain networks of contacts, and successfully increase the international profile of my consulting practice. She has identified the "limiters" that have affected the growth of my business and she's helped me address them (painlessly!). If you're beset by the organizational headaches of running a small business or non-profit, or if you're looking to grow your company beyond the boundaries that you've set up for yourself, working with Claudia will be surprising, enjoyable, and above all effective."

    Edmond Gaible, PhD, Principal, The Natoma Group

  • "Claudia helped me navigate the most difficult time of my life; a breast cancer diagnosis and resulting chemotherapy. Her intrinsic ability to listen combined with personal wisdom and extensive experience in dealing with crisis was integral to my healing. I am cancer free and Claudia is an important part of that."

    Susan Davis, L.Ac., Director, The Center for Complementary Medicine

  • "Bringing into play Claudia as a learning coach has greatly enriched my life. Through our bi-weekly conversations I've understood how I learn and I've let go of my unconstructive conversations with myself like "I need a business degree to be respected" and so on. I've noticed many results through working with Claudia, for instance I'm now taking on three new course studies that I have designed to fit my busy lifestyle and my learning style which are all turning out to be quite fulfilling and rewarding. Other results I've experienced are on a deeper feeling level. My anxiety and fear around learning something new has turned into a game and I'm actually enjoying the process. Having Claudia as a coach in this process of re-discovering how to learn has been a life blessing."

    Aeon Karris, consultant and entrepreneur, ProtoTracks

  • "You rock at this! You have a very easy flow and it's very safe. I like the pace. You help raise my awareness, and you know when to bring me back to some themes and when to let me go off with some ideas later on my own. I like experiential learning and that's what this is. It works for me."

    Colleen Smith, entrepreneur, Media Gems

  • "I have to admit that I didn't really understand what you meant when you said you were a "meta-learning" guide. Now, having experienced an incredible month of coaching with you, I understand and appreciate the difference in your approach! I'd explain it like this..."

    If you were learning to play golf...

    A coach -- would tell you how to swing

    A good coach -- would identify for you where your swing was breaking down

    An excellent coach -- would help you identify where your swing was breaking down

    An extreme coach -- helps you discover how you can approach the game like a master...

    Claudia, you are an extreme coach!

    Your ability to get inside my head and understand how things look to me in my world enabled me to bust through major blocks:

    - Actually writing my marketing plan!
    - Re-organizing my office so I can find things!
    - Creating and committing to goals I can keep!

    Most importantly, you validated what I've always known: If a system doesn't reflect the way I work, it doesn't matter how much I want to use it -- it's going to break down. The trick is to create systems that I can use -- not avoid them all together.

    Thank you so much for helping me to see that is possible! For a free-wheeling, out-of-the-box creative like me, that is an incredible breakthrough!

    I enthusiastically, wholeheartedly and urgently suggest that anyone who could use some support (and who couldn't?) call you!

    Thanks again, Claudia!

    Susan Schwartz, branding & presentation coach, YouWhoBranding.com


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