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  Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What is a learning conversation?

Learning Conversations are highly focused coaching sessions (by phone, video conference and in person) designed to help you expand your capacities for learning and leadership. The Learning Conversation focuses your attention not only on learning and mastering particular topics, behaviors and skills, but on the process of learning itself--on meta-learning, or learning-how-to-learn.

2.  Why do you call it Extreme Coaching?

The Learning Conversations coaches believe that by focusing attention on the processes of learning, we can expand our capacity for learning infinitely. We draw inspiration and metaphors from the world of extreme sports where people consistently challenge limitations, expand their capacities and achieve the impossible. Extreme coaching is designed for high-performance professionals seeking extremely satisfying results.

3.  How often do people have learning conversations with their coaches?

Most of our clients schedule learning conversations twice to four times a month. We recommend two different plans, and we can customize a plan that works for your schedule and needs. Email and Internet support is offered between coaching sessions. With our more techno-savvy clients, we use video conferencing and collaborative software to stay in touch.

4.  How can I build on the insights in my learning conversations with my coach when I am on my own?

Your Learning Conversations coach will support you in creating a regular practice of reflection--on your goals and outcomes, on your learning, and especially on learning about your learning. We offer a range of tools to help you in developing a supportive meta-learning dialogue with yourself. Through the practice of learning conversations with your coach, you will learn how to coach yourself more effectively.

5.  What is meta-learning and why does it matter?

Meta-learning is learning about learning. Without reflecting on our learning, we function in a narrowed zone of comfort and capacity, not even realizing we are cruising through our life on autopilot. When we become mindful of our processes of learning, not just focusing on what we are learning, but paying attention to how we are learning, especially how we might improve how we are learning, we can expand our zone of comfort and our capacities for learning infinitely.


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