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  The Haven Learning Center

The Haven Learning Center offers young people and adults a supportive space to explore and practice expansive and embodied learning. Through Learning Conversations with Claudia and the Haven associates, young people learn how to direct their own learning and practice the skills needed to design life as they'd love to live it. Parents explore how to create the dynamics of mutual trust that support collaborative, co-inspiring relationships with teens and with younger children. And adults interested in expanding their own learning in any and all areas of life find the support they need for creative transformation in their endeavors.

Haven Learning Center helps families design educational solutions that suit their unique needs and values. We offer a whole systems approach to learning that addresses the emotional and spiritual as well as academic, social and creative dimensions of the person.

To become a self-organizing learner, capable of navigating a meaningful and satisfying educational and professional path in the world, teenagers need a supportive environment to practice self actualization, real world opportunities to develop life skills, a learning community with dynamic role models, and help exploring the range of creative options available to them so they can take responsibility joyfully for designing their own paths of learning.

We work with young people with learning differences, gifted and independent learners, highly sensitive children, and children and young adults who don't fit in the mainstream educational box. We do consultations and coaching with young people and their parents locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by phone and video conference anywhere in the world.

Services include

  • Support for designing and implementing individualized learning plans
  • Organizational skills coaching and time design for self-directed learning
  • Coaching for parenting in the Biology of Love
  • Matching young people to unique schools and learning communities
  • Independent study, apprenticeship and world travel support
  • Finding innovative and unusual colleges
  • Unschooling, homeschooling, early college options
  • Career counseling and school to work transition support

Special programs and events

Haven Learning Center offers a range of programs and events for young people, parents and educators—locally, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and on the internet using teleconferencing and webcast technologies. For more details…

It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate
between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the
vital connection between them. Leo Buscaglia


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