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How coaching works

The learning coach creates a supportive relationship with the young person that facilitates reflection, critical thinking, motivation and a sense of confidence and well-being. The Learning Conversation braids together three strands of dialogue as needed...the central process dialogue that focuses on the how of learning, a support dialogue that coaches the young person through the more difficult moments brought on by changing how they do things, and an evaluative dialogue that helps the student learn how to measure and evaluate her/his success.

The practice of the learning conversation influences a young person's inner dialogue by modeling a clear, non-judgmental coaching voice. The Learning Conversation over time helps a young person to become his or her own learning coach—by practicing with their coach, they learn how to talk themselves through their own learning events. They learn powerful strategies for successful learning…as one parent has said about her daughter's experience with Learning Conversations, "Learning-how-to-learn is the life skill I consider most valuable in a fast-changing world." We believe learning to learn is a foundation for joyful, self-directed learning.


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