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  Getting Started

How do Learning Conversations work?

"There is no pregiven territory of which we can make a map--the map-making itself brings forth the features of the territory."

Fritjof Capra, The Web of Life

You select an entry point or focusing problem. Your coach creates a supportive and motivating conversational space that facilitates deeper reflection and broadened awareness and understanding. The conversation braids together three strands of dialogue as needed...the central process dialogue that focuses on the how of learning, a support dialogue that coaches you through the more difficult moments brought on by changing how you do things, and an evaluative dialogue that helps you learn how to measure and evaluate your success.

The practice of the learning conversation over time influences your own inner dialogue, strengthening a clear, non-judgmental coaching voice within you to support your ongoing learning and change initiatives. The Learning Conversation is an apprenticeship in becoming a learning coach for yourself--your own inner dialogue will rapidly improve, and your outer dialogues with mentors, peers, managers, employees and team members will become more effective.

Recommended formats

  • Format A

    • 4 sessions a month, once weekly at a regularly scheduled time
    • First and third sessions of the month are one hour long
    • Second and fourth are 30 minutes each
    • You call your coach at the scheduled time
    • Weekly email correspondence is included

  • Format B

    • 2 sessions a month, every other week at a regularly scheduled time
    • Each session is one hour long
    • You call your coach at the scheduled time
    • Weekly email correspondence is included

Please note: We can customize a plan that works for you.
Cancellation requires at least 24 hours notice or full fee is charged.

Call to explore

Give us a call. We'd be happy to discuss our fees and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Claudia L'Amoreaux

Areas of focus

We co-design Learning Conversations with you centered on your current needs.

Typical themes

  • Lifestyle balance
  • Change by design
  • Entrepreneurial support
  • Peak performance
  • Career development for success and significance
  • Communicating for leadership
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Parenting with joy, skill and grace

For teenagers

  • Designing your education
  • Becoming a self-directed learner
  • Thriving with learning differences
  • Creating work you love
  • Apprenticing as path
  • Travel for learning
  • Communicating for leadership


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