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  What are Learning Conversations?

"The question, 'How do you learn?' demands quite different answers from the question 'What have you learned?' An in-depth appreciation of this difference is essential to understanding how you might improve your capacity for learning."

Laurie Thomas & Sheila Harrie-Augstein

Learning Conversations are highly focused coaching sessions (by phone, video conference and in person) designed to help you expand your capacities for learning and leadership. The Learning Conversation focuses your attention not only on learning and mastering particular topics, behaviors and skills, but on the process of learning itself--on meta-learning, or learning-how-to-learn.

By exploring your learning stories--significant events that have shaped your learning--you become more conscious of how these stories are affecting your learning today. Powerful questions enable you to improve the quality of your inner dialogue by replacing negative self-talk with open-minded observation and encouragement. Working in partnership, your coach helps you clarify and refine your goals and performance outcomes, and recognize and design more flexible, adaptive learning strategies to achieve your desired outcomes.

When the coaching relationship operates at this meta-level, you can rapidly expand your capacity to learn in any area of your life. Expanding your learning capacity opens new possibilities for personal and professional effectiveness, excellence and enjoyment.

The Learning Conversation

  • Supports reflection-in-action
  • Clarifies and continually refines purposes and goals
  • Facilitates alignment of goals and performance outcomes
  • Reveals habitual, ineffective learning strategies
  • Eliminates obstacles to learning
  • Improves feedback orientation
  • Encourages relevant and effective self-assessment strategies
  • Expands your capacity to learn
  • Increases availability of positive options


  • Non-judgmental, supportive inner dialogue
  • Continually expanding peak performance
  • Natural leadership
  • Responsiveness, sensitivity, resilience and agility
  • More personal satisfaction, enjoyment and well-being


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