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  Claudia L'Amoreaux

Core Competencies

  • Expansive Learning

    • Peak performance
    • Thriving with learning differences (AD/HD, dyslexia)
    • Adaptive learning styles
    • Creating learning communities
    • Improving attention and focus
    • Generating and maximizing flow states

  • Deep Play

    • Rediscovering your playful nature
    • Play, creativity and innovation
    • The healing power of play
    • Vision quest as deep play

  • Frameworks and tools for higher order thinking

    • Lifechange by design
    • Systems thinking
    • 2nd order cybernetics
    • Feedback orientation
    • Mindmaps, concept maps and entailment meshes
    • Non-violent communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg)

  • New Paradigm Business

    • Balancing professional life and personal life
    • The New Entrepreneur - success and significance
    • Businesses as complex adaptive systems
    • Change management with vision, style and spirit
    • Nurturing natural leadership

  • Creating and Sustaining Practices for Health and Well-being

    • Moving from stress management to radiant well-being
    • Relaxation
    • Walking and/or running
    • Fitness training
    • Chi gong, yoga, dance
    • Guided visualization
    • Contemplation, meditation

  • Teens and Parents

    • Designing your education
    • Becoming a self-directed learner
    • Thriving with learning differences
    • Creating work you love
    • Apprenticing as path
    • Travel for learning
    • Communicating for leadership

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